GLOED Industries offers custom manufacturing solutions for designers, boutiques, retailers,  wholesalers and B2Bs. We will develop your customized designs exactly to your requirements with regards to high quality, delivery and budget range. Our mission is always to provide the customer whatever they want . . . the accurate product they order at the high quality and price they wish. GLOED Industries is obviously doing work for the total satisfaction and requirement of our valuable clients.
We can make all kinds of middle or  high quality leather products, such as Women’s, men’s leather jackets, coats, pants, blouse, bra sets, club wears, lingerie, Leather pet accessories and men & women leather accessories  like ladies hand bags and wallets, portfolio, briefcase, CD case ,Passport, Organizer ,Gift Box, camera & guitar straps and belts etc.
GLOED Industries can produce laser typing, punch, bead decoration, embroidery, weaving fabric, diversify drilling technology. Our company has a long time participating in leather production experience, mainly exported to the USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa as well as other countries.
We’re able to begin from any associated with following options:

Option 1:
You can send us your own design sketch ,including Technical Details of the Fabric, Design and Construction Details, Trim Placements and Specifications, Pattern Assembly Details (including machine requirements), Dimensions per Size, Details of Print/Embroidery designs.

Option 2:
Ship to us a physical sample so we can replicate it, from the Fabric, Design and Construction Details, Assembly Details, Dimensions, everything you may require.

Option 3:
In addition, you can use any one of our existing designs with your label.

Part corners viewing of our factory: